I'm Flikk, I like things candid and classic. I think your wedding photos deserve to be as epic as your love story.

As much as I love what I do, as much as I love my art form, my true "why" is fatherhood. As a father of four, being a dad is what brings me the most joy in life. My drive to be successful in the world of photography is not only so that I am able to do something I'm passionate about, but so that I can have the time to be super dad to my kids. They are my motivation, my drive, and what makes my life rich. But, also so does you booking me as your wedding photographer :)


I believe in capturing the moments you didn't realize I was watching.

There are thousands of photographers in this industry. We all have a different approach to the art form. Me personally, I thrive on the moments that are natural, raw, and candid. Of course every photographer will catch some of those moments, but I specifically aim to capture those moments. It's my specialty. My style is centered on candid moments being the primary focus of your day, versus a by-product of your day. Some aim to focus on beautiful posed images that sell, I focus on beautifully captured moments that strike up emotions and revive memories.

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Kevin Hart

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Beyonce + Marc Anthony

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Will Smith

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Mike Towers



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Home Made Popcorn +Movies with the Kids

a few more things you should know: 

Since my childhood, dancing has always been my very own form of therapy. For two years I traveled the island of Puerto Rico as a professional choreographer, and background dancer. In addition to that, I was a Hip Hop instructor and live performance coach in Cumbaya, and Quito, Ecuador.

The Dance Floor is My Best Friend

I feel in love with abstract art back in high school, specifically the work of Jackson Pollock. Yes that was a really long time ago, but let's stay focused here.

I love to Paint

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Of all the beautiful things to see, and places to travel, Latin America is my favorite. I have lived in both Ecuador and Puerto Rico,while also visiting Colombia and Costa Rica. Check out my project Black & Sugar

Latin America Is My Refuge

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Your photos do not belong on your iphone.

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Each one of my packages includes a beautiful wedding album. Photos only on your phone, or social media profile, do your beautiful wedding images no justice. Prints and albums are extremely valuable.

Almost any wine is good so long as it’s open.

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